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Welcome to the companion site for The CSA Exam - Maximizing your success. This website gives you access to the rich tools and resources available for this text.

Resources available are 18 video clips, general suggestions on the making the best use of the video clips, and also video and case specific educational support material.
  1. The Interactive website containing short video clips setting the scene of the 6 ethical dilemmas in chapter 4 of Part 1 and 12 of the cases cases from Part 2
  2. Guidance on the use of the video clips as an educational resource
  3. Case-specific tasks and educational resources to accompany the video clips

18 video clips are available on the website. As you may have seen already from your reading of chapter 4, we have filmed clips of some of the scenarios featured in this book in order to offer you an additional learning resource – either as an individual or for use in your study groups. The clips mainly portray the first few minutes [the data-gathering phase] of the six cases illustrating ethical dilemmas in Chapter 4 of Part 1 and of twelve of the cases in Part 2. However, the case ‘Isabel Chalk’ illustrates an example of a complete consultation – both Data-gathering and Clinical Management. For all cases we have included some questions to help guide your thinking.

You may decide to watch a clip first, instead of reading any of the case paperwork beforehand, or role-playing the case yourselves. If so, we recommend that, when it ends, ask yourself

  • What should happen next?
  • Are there any other data-gathering questions I need to ask?
  • What [clinical] management is required?

Then, if possible, in the light of your answers to those questions, role-play the remainder of the case.

Finally, with the ethical dilemma clips, don’t forget to refer to the appropriate section in Chapter 4 where the various options are outlined. The twelve cases in Part 2 illustrated on video each have a detailed mark-scheme included in the paperwork for the case, showing the positive [and negative] indicators which examiners would be considering when deciding on their marks for each domain. You should use these options and indicators to inform your thoughts and conclusions.

We hope you find this a useful and different perspective on practising your consultation techniques.


Please note that, with one exception, these clips have been filmed simply as an introduction to the case and for you to question what you might do next in this consultation. They are NOT intended as examples of a full CSA consultation

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