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January 2017

We welcome you to the companion website of our book and e-book.

We wrote A Panorama of Statistics for a wide readership among people involved with and interested in statistical ideas, whether as learners, teachers or practitioners.And it's not only for people who call themselves 'statisticians'.

As you may know, statistical ideas and methods are in use in an astonishing array of fields – for example, in the physical, biological and social sciences, in architecture and engineering, in medicine and law, in finance and marketing, and in history and politics.

In other words, this is a book for anyone who already knows something of statistics and would like the company of a lively and engaging guide to discover much more.     [scroll down]

As its subtitle indicates, the book is strong on perspectives. We offer you a bird's eye view of activities on the highways of statistical practice – what people generally think of as the 'day job' of statisticians and their counterparts in many other fields. That job routinely involves data analysis (sometimes called 'data analytics') and statistical inference (sometimes called 'data-based decision making').

Along the way, we frequently swoop down to explore at close hand many of the quirky byways – the historical, biographical and philosophical subtleties, puzzles and paradoxes – of the discipline. This is not what you find in textbooks!

Here, among the byways, you'll find answers to such intriguing questions as: How does statistics differ from mathematics? How might persuaders misuse data to achieve their goals? How can you decide which published figures you can actually trust? What makes probability theory so challenging – even for statisticians? Why is 'randomness' so tricky to define? Why are gamblers who keep on gambling almost sure to lose all their money? When is the well-known 'bell curve' invalid for describing real-world data? What principles and techniques of statistics were created when?

Even if you have only a slight familiarity with statistical ideas, there is still much in this book for you.

A major purpose of this website is to speed your access to the web links among the chapter references in the print edition of the book.

While you are reading, have this website open on your digital device at the 'web links' document on the Resources tab. Simply click on the correspondingly numbered live link to open the file referenced in the book. You need never type in a web address.

Further documents may be posted to this website, as time goes by, to offer supplementary information relevant to the themes of our book.

Eric Sowey and Peter Petocz

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