Special Thematic Issues: Commissioning Content for the Betterment of Your Journal

June 26, 2019 Ram Anbazhagan

March 28 and 29, 2019, saw nearly 50 editors welcomed to the Wiley head office in Hoboken, New Jersey, for the latest iteration of the Wiley Editor Symposium series. The theme of the symposium, “Practicing diversity and inclusivity: your role as Editor-in-Chief”, was reinforced throughout the program with a series of keynote lectures from invited speakers, a roundtable with Early Career Researchers, a panel discussion, and practical workshops.
One such workshop was on the subject of Special Issues and the value that they can bring to your journal. Facilitated by Bart Wacek (Publishing Director, Editorial Management), Anita Yadav (Commissioning Editor, Special Content) and Ram Anbazhagan (Senior Commissioning Editor, Special Content), the workshop pointed out the tangible benefits of developing special issues, such as improving engagement with the scholarly community and developing (or solidifying) a journal’s position within a specific scientific area. Following a discussion around best practices and practical guidelines on how to identify and develop potential themes for a special issue, the group then went on to consider some real-world examples of how special issues have enhanced specific journals’ profiles.

Learn more about the workshop and the benefits, best practices and case studies of special issues here.

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