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October 22, 2019 Helen Eassom

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You’ve worked hard on your research, and now that your manuscript is complete, it deserves to make an impact and reach as many people, across the world, as possible. This is where open access comes in.

Open access, part of the wider and rapidly developing open research movement, is all about making research more accessible and available, driving impact, innovation and discovery to help answer some of the world’s biggest questions.

Want to learn more? Wiley has several resources designed to help you publish open access as easily as possible!

Choose From Several Open Access Choices: Wiley Open Access by the Numbers

At Wiley, we’re fully committed to open access in all its forms, and to offering you the greatest choice possible when it comes to your open access options. You can choose from over 116 fully open access titles covering a broad range of subjects – browse titles or select your subject area to view relevant titles over on our Wiley Open Access website. There are also over 1500 subscription titles that offer an open access option.

We’re constantly expanding our open access program with new titles launching every year, as well as transitioning some subscription journals to an open access model. Look at this for an overview of open access at Wiley.

The Road to Open Access

The world of open access can seem like a minefield – there can often seem so much to consider. We’ve put together this comprehensive 12-step guide covering the basics:

12 Step Guide to Understanding Open Access

Or watch our new open access video for inspiration:

Open access means immediate, permanent, free, online availability to articles. The two main routes to open access are Green and Gold:

Gold open access: With Gold open access, the author pays an Article Publication Charge (APC) and the final, peer-reviewed publisher version of the manuscript is made freely available online, immediately and permanently, for all to read, download, and share. You may choose to publish in a fully open access journal, or in a hybrid journal (subscription journals that support open access, for example, Wiley’s OnlineOpen).

Green open access: With Green open access, the author self-archives a version of the subscription article in an online repository or website after publishing in a subscription journal. The article is then freely available to everyone.

Discover more about these routes to publishing open access with Wiley’s Green Road to Open Access, or Gold Road to Open Access.

What About Licensing and Copyright?

License Type Open Access Chart

Understanding the licensing and copyright issues around open access isn’t always easy! Most open-access journals (including those subscription titles that offer an open access option) publish open access articles under a Creative Commons license, and one of the benefits of publishing under these licenses is that you, the author, retain the copyright for your article:

For an overview of copyright and licensing at Wiley, we’ve put together this guide which explains why copyright is so important and looks in more detail at the different types of Creative Commons licenses available to you. There is also a comprehensive guide to licensing over on our Author Services website.

What Funding Is Available to Help With Publishing Open Access?

With the drive towards open access, and making research more accessible, many funders and institutions have made open access part of their general funding or have created central funds dedicated to cover APCs for their researchers, faculty or members. To find out more about what funding might be available to you, explore this interactive infographic.

You may have heard about open access deals – if you’re an author from an institution affiliated with an open access deal, you may be eligible to publish primary research and review articles open access at no direct cost to you.

In this short video, Liz Ferguson, Wiley’s VP of Open Research, walks through three of the different transformative deals between Wiley and our partners.

To find out more about these deals, and to find out if you are eligible, visit our Affiliation Policy and Payments page over on our Author Services website.

Further Reading and Resources

Want to learn more about open research and open access? The following resources are also available to help you navigate your open access journey:

Wiley Author Resources – takes you every step of the way through your publication journey, from finding a journal to promoting your published work. Find out more about publishing open access, the peer review process and how to maximize the impact of your work.

Open Research – open research, incorporating open access, is happening now. Wiley’s open research website offers information, resources and tools focused around five key areas of open research – Open Access, Open Data, Open Practices, Open Recognition & Reward, and Open Collaboration.

The Wiley Network – check out the Researcher hub for blog posts, infographics, videos and other content covering topics including Licensing and Open Access, and Open Research.

Author Compliance Tool – easily check compliance with any institutional or funder mandates using this tool. Select your funder or institution in the drop-down lists, then select your journal of choice to see if its policies comply with the policies of your funder or institution.

We look forward to publishing your research! 

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