How We’re Taking Steps to Close the Gender Pay Gap

March 4, 2019 Charlotte Hussein

Last April, Wiley, along with thousands of other UK employers, published its first Gender Pay Gap report in line with new government legislation. We welcomed the introduction of this new annual reporting requirement as it has focused us, as a business, on an issue which affects colleagues throughout our global organization.

We want to see everyone at Wiley succeed by focusing on equal opportunity, development, and achievement. As such, it’s important to share the steps we’ve taken so far to reduce the gender pay gap. We’re proud to be an early reporter of our second set of gender pay gap results and, as expected, the results confirm that we still have a lot of work to do (these results still reflect a period before we started work on this). We recognize that a gender pay gap still exists and we take the findings very seriously.

Following publication of the first report, we convened a group of over 50 UK colleagues, led by a steering committee, who volunteered their time to look at the causes of the gender pay gap and make recommendations to our executive leadership on how to narrow the gap. It’s been inspiring to see the commitment and enthusiasm from the volunteers, which generated a real sense of community as colleagues focused on making a difference.   This, together with the advice of an external consultant and a survey of UK colleagues, led to the specific recommendations below, which I’m pleased to report will be rolled out over the coming months.

The impact of these activities will take some time to impact our gender pay gap results in the UK and, as a global company, we are looking at this holistically and considering how these recommendations may be implemented globally.

  • A Women in Leadership Program will be trialed in the UK for a global rollout.

  • A review of Global Recruitment Practices with the focus on job advertising and interview practices.

  • A recently revised  Parenthood Policy to proactively support new parents in the UK.

  • Wiley is committed to supporting parts of the Publishers’ Association Inclusivity Action Plan and will be taking part in their Diversity and Inclusivity survey.

Other areas of focus in the coming year include coaching, mentoring, personal development, flexible working, diversity, and inclusion.

We held a panel discussion at the end of November to discuss the latest results with UK colleagues and were encouraged by the high level of engagement and lively debate that took place. Topics included diversity and what it means to colleagues, what the executive leadership team can do to support colleagues and how a caring approach can sometimes be more effective than policies.

Working on initiatives to close the gender pay gap is taking us on an exciting journey –the energy and creativity of colleagues motivates me and my fellow local leaders to embed the recommendations into Wiley’s values and culture.

Charlotte is a member of the Gender Pay Gap Steering Group, along with six others, representing diverse roles within the business.

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