Facilitating Difficult Race Discussions

March 24, 2017 Laura Goldsberry

It comes as no surprise that issues of race are divisive and are dominating the news cycle of late. How is it best to address and discuss issues of race in the classroom, and what approaches should be avoided? The infographic below examines ineffective strategies, followed by a link to download a white paper covering the successful ways to bring this crucial topic into the classroom. Author Derald Wing Sue has been identified as "the most influential multicultural scholar in the United States." He has authored 17 books, including the classic Microaggressions in Everyday Life. Dr. Sue's research on microaggressions provided a major breakthrough in understanding how everyday slights, insults, and invalidations toward marginalized groups create psychological and social harm. He is Professor of Psychology and Education in the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia University.


Get the white paper outlining the five successful strategies here.


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