An Example of Outstanding and Creative Teaching: Meet Professor Jason Kautz

June 19, 2017 Christopher Ruel

Jason A. Kautz, Ph.D., Professor of Practice, Department of Chemistry, University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a chemistry professor who teaches with the goal of instilling problem-solving skills in his students that translate to all aspects of life. Three times, Professor Kautz has been awarded the Association of Students of the University of Nebraska Outstanding Educator Awards and the Hazel R. McClymont Distinguished Teaching Fellow Award. His instructor evaluation consistently score above the departmental average. Kautz is the lead coordinator of the university’s Freshman Chemistry Program, which serves more than 2,500 students each academic year. In addition, Kautz also developed a graduate course in teaching methods of chemistry, designed to improve the development of graduate students as teaching assistants and as educators upon graduation. Dr. Kautz is also currently designing and authoring a digital chemistry course-learning solution with John Wiley & Sons, Inc., available as a Preliminary Edition this coming fall.

Credit: Wiley would like to thank the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for allowing us to share this inspiring video.

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