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August 22, 2017 Christopher Ruel

Like many young men and women who witnessed the September 11th, 2001 attacks, Jonathan Montano joined the military soon after he graduated from high school. In doing so, his college education became a secondary concern as he focused on helping others and serving his country.

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His dedication to others and his nation led him to become an Air Commando in the United States Air Force. He supported Special Operations not only in combat zones but also participated in assisting others following the 2004 tsunami and the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast. Montano joined in the massive evacuation of the Lebanese people, and in dropping supplies over Kosovo— the most enormous operation of its kind since World War Two. This is the kind of person Jonathan Montano is; a man who dedicates his life to serving others.

So, what’s an Air Commando to do when his service comes to an end? For Jonathan, the answer was to keep helping, keep serving, and keep making a difference. Studying at San Bernardino Valley College, Montano earned his vocational nursing license. He then worked in a psychiatric ward to pay down his student loans.

Like any Airman, Jonathan quickly did more than was asked of him at San Bernardino County Valley College. He excelled at his courses and then served as a tutor and a supplemental instructor for Chemistry classes.

Also, Jonathan became a WileyPLUS Student Partner, a dedicated peer leader whose mission was to assist other students at San Bernardino CC. In this role, he led initiatives at the course level and worked with faculty to deliver 15-minute presentations to students on how to use WileyPLUS technology as a study tool. Additionally, he led study sessions with students to teach them how to use adaptive practice as a study tool. It always felt like a victory when a student who started-off shaky became confident and proficient in the coursework. And, although presentation skills weren't initially in Jonathan's wheelhouse when he started college, this role helped him develop a stage presence quickly. Jonathan was chosen to present on behalf of all WileyPLUS Student Partners at two large conferences in Arizona and California.

For his efforts and tireless dedication to his peers, Montano received the WileyPLUS Student of the Year award in the spring of 2017. One might think Jonathan’s extra workload would interfere with his studies, but he recently graduated from SBVCC with a 3.989 GPA.

Air Force Special Operation Commando Units have a mission statement; Anyplace. Anytime. Anywhere. Jonathan lived up to his calling in both his military service and in his personal life. We congratulate Jonathan once more for his dedication to helping others at home and abroad, in combat, in his humanitarian missions, and in his achievements devoted to helping fellow students be successful in the classroom.

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