A pilot for Registered Reports to Support Wiley's Mission in Integrity and Ethics

January 1, 2018 The Transparency and Reproducibility Working Group at Wiley

What are Registered Reports?

Registered Reports represent an important strategy for increasing the transparency of published research. They are a form of empirical journal article in which methods and proposed analyses are pre-registered and peer-reviewed before research is conducted and prior to data collection. Registered Reports are evaluated based solely on the intrinsic merit of the research proposal rather than the novelty or other perceived impact of the eventual results. They aim to shift the balance away from the importance on the results of research to the processes that produce them. What gives hypothesis-testing its scientific value is the QUESTION it asks, the QUALITY of the method it uses and not the RESULT it produces: editorial decisions at journals for Registered Reports are blind to results.

Image: Centre for Open Science

Wiley’s Approach to Integrity and Ethics

Wiley’s mission in integrity and ethics is to ensure we have editorial processes and an approach to quality that fit the academic and research environment, described here on the Wiley Network. We want to set and apply quality benchmarks and support our customers and communities. In line with this mission, Wiley’s Transparency and Reproducibility team is piloting the introduction of the Registered Report as a new article type in a number of journals across Wiley’s portfolio. By encouraging the adoption of Registered Reports across Wiley titles, we aim to improve the transparency and thereby the integrity and quality of Wiley’s contributions to the research and academic environment.

Researchers in several areas are already beginning to adopt the practice of pre-registering their research designs and are becoming more familiar with Registered Reports. These include:

However, these are not the only subject areas which would benefit from the introduction of Registered Reports and Wiley is keen to pilot them across a wide range of areas.

Our Message to You

Over the last four months our team at Wiley has come together to question, learn, strategize, debate, and create, all around the idea of Registered Reports. If you are interested in the implementation of Registered Reports in your journal, please contact your Journal Publishing Manager to discuss further.

For more information about registered reports and pre-registration of research studies, check out the Center for Open Science.

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