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July 1, 2017 Ben Hogan

The Peer Review Management team within Wiley is responsible for running editorial offices for several hundred journals, supporting editors, authors, and peer reviewers in the publication process. Team members have many years’ worth of experience in getting the most out of the electronic systems used by editorial offices. We will be using The Wiley Network as an opportunity to share with you some of that experience in a series of guides exploring different aspects of using ScholarOne Manuscripts, starting with some features we most frequently receive enquiries about.

Version History

To find information about previous versions of a manuscript, click the Manuscript Information Tab to view the manuscript details. In the Version History box you will see a list of all versions of the manuscript. To view reviews and other information about an older version, click the icon under Switch Details. You can then scroll down the page to view reviews and to see the previous recommendation and/or decision.

Updating Number of Reviews Required

You may need to update the number of required reviews if:

  • you don’t need reviewers to review a revision
  • you want to reject without review or move straight to editor recommendation or decision
  • you assign a different # of reviewers than default setting

On the Review Selection/Invitation/Assignment page, look for the Progress box on the right- hand side. Next to # reviews required to make decision, you can change the number of default reviews required by typing a different number in the field and clicking Save.

To bypass the review process entirely, change the # reviews required to make decision setting to 0. The manuscript moves to the next action task in the workflow—typically a Make Decision, Make Preliminary Decision, or Make Recommendation task.

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