Partnering for Success: Best Practices in Embedded Librarianship

November 9, 2016 Morgan Kubelka

Out with the old, in with the new.

The rise of embedded librarianship on academic campuses illustrates the departure from one-shot library instruction classes, which have historically limited the librarian’s ability to impact student outcomes in a meaningful way.

Strong partnerships between faculty and librarians are at the heart of the embedded librarianship approach, allowing librarians to transcend the “consultant” role with sustained involvement that integrates librarians into the planning and preparation of course work. These collaborative efforts not only build stronger connections between faculty and librarians, but they also improve the student learning experience and increase student engagement.

After a yearlong “experiment” with embedded librarianship, Multimedia Instructional Librarian Alison Valk of Georgia Institute of Technology and Assistant Professor of English Kathleen Hanggi of Doane College reflect on the factors that contributed to their successful partnership.

This Best Practices for a Successful Embedded Librarianship Partnership infographic below illustrates the recommendations that emerged from Valk and Hanggi’s collaboration.

Embedded Librarianship infographic.jpg

Download the complete case study featured in the white paper, Adapting Academic Libraries to the Culture of Assessment.

Alison Valk is the Multimedia Instruction Librarian for the Georgia Tech Library. Valk received her Master’s in Library & Information Science from Florida State University and a BBA from Georgia State University in Computer Information Systems. She has been researching the benefits of embedded librarians in college-level courses and was recently published by the Association of College and Research Libraries spotlighting her efforts in this area.

Kathleen Hanggi is an Assistant Professor of English at Doane College in Crete, Nebraska. She earned her PhD in English from Emory University and held a Brittain Postdoctoral Fellowship at Georgia Tech from 2011-2013. She can be reached at

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