Is Blue Skies Research Making a Comeback? The Impact of Cross-Sector Collaboration In Research

September 6, 2018 Melody Lee

“50% of our projects are in partnership with universities.” -Dr. Tsuyoshi Abe, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Yokogawa Electric Corporation.

Out of 25 projects this year (as of June 2018), Yokogawa Electric Corporation is collaborating with academic partners on a total of 13 projects, Are we looking towards blue skies research as a driver for R&D and innovation? Or, is there a fine equilibrium to be met between agenda-driven research and basic research.

The rivalry between agenda-driven research and blue skies research has been a longstanding one. In the podcast below, we speak to Professor Masato Wakayama, Professor Seeram Ramakrishna and Jose Oliveira on the growing trend of corporations outsourcing part of their R&D to academic institutions and what this means for today’s results-driven world.

Our Speakers

On the podcast we hear from speakers at the Wiley Research Seminar Japan 2018. The conference saw a full house of executives from the Corporate industry, Society and Universities, all eager for the latest research & publishing trends, go-to innovation and collaboration possibilities across their sectors.

Professor Masato Wakayama, is Executive Vice President of Kyushu University and Professor of Institute of Mathematics for Industry.

Professor Seeram Ramakrishna, is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore. He is a pioneer in nanofibre production used in fields like healthcare, clean air, clean water and clean energy, and has been listed by media and information firm Thomson Reuters as one of the world's most influential scientific minds.

Jose Oliveria has been Editor-in-Chief of the nanotechnology journal Small since 2008, and was a founding editor of Chemistry – An Asian Journal, Advanced Healthcare Materials, and Small Methods. As Vice President and Editorial Director, China, he is responsible for Wiley’s journal publishing activities in China. He holds Honorary and Visiting Professorships at several Chinese universities and research institutes. Stay tuned for Episode 2 where we’ll explore how Academia and Corporate collaboration can drive life-changing research and discovery.

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