3 Ways Pursuing an Online Degree Can Boost Your Career

May 9, 2017 Ian Myatt

The role of education in achieving professional success has emerged as a major theme in recent years, especially when considering the increased costs of tuition fees, the price of relocating, and cuts to university budgets. When scrutinized alongside apprenticeships and company training programs, questions often arise surrounding the positive return on investment from furthering your education at a postgraduate level.

Here are three ways in which gaining a 100% online masters degree can accelerate the early stages of your career?

1. You Can Apply New Skills in the Workplace Immediately

There are several benefits to studying online – the most obvious being that you don’t need to leave your existing job to return to campus. 100% online degrees are designed to fit around your personal and professional commitments so that you can continue to climb the career ladder and apply your learning in real-time.

Therefore, the skills and knowledge you gain from your studies will help to enhance your overall career performance (impressing current colleagues as well as prospective employers). It is an opportunity to kick-start your career and take it further.

2. You Learn a Range of Additional, Highly Valued Skills

An online degree will also help fine-tune soft skills such as problem-solving and global communication techniques by providing the opportunity to build relationships (both personally and professionally) with peers outside your workplace and help you gain an international perspective on shared concerns.

The Guardian conducted a statistical analysis of job listings and found that skills in organization, communication, and motivation were valued most highly by employers (2013). These are just some of the skills (alongside mastering effective research methods and having the ability to adapt in the workplace quickly) that you’d be able to demonstrate by studying online.

3. You Can Boost Your Salary and Climb the Career Ladder

Latest graduate market statistics have highlighted that, on average, postgraduates earn £7,500 (GBP) more than graduates (2016). This can be linked directly to the percentage of postgraduates in skilled employment (78%) compared with graduates (66%). If you study online, you’re more likely to accelerate this process by not placing your career on hold while you complete your education.

If you’re looking to enhance the early stages of your career and want to learn more about an online postgraduate degree, visit the University of Birmingham’s Content Hub for more information.

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