How to Handle Negative Thoughts and Emotions at Work

January 26, 2018 Christopher Ruel

Did you know that 60-80% of workplace accidents can be attributed to stress, while the American Psychological Association pegs the overall cost of workplace stress to the U.S. economy at $500 billion annually? That’s a lot of accidents and a ton of money.

What causes stress even when we love what it is we do? Work-related negativity sneaks up when tough projects come along, when a client becomes difficult, when your manager is having a bad day, or when you struggle to balance work and life. Nearly everything, when not placed in perspective, can induce negative thoughts.

How should you respond when that coworker knows all the right buttons to push to get your blood boiling? The first step, according to psychologists, is the ability to recognize negative thoughts that aren’t helpful. From there, you can use the following eight ways to improve your emotional agility and handle negative thoughts and emotions at work.


Infographic by Luke Doyle, Digital PR Executive, NeoMam Studios


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