Make Your Content Go Viral: 6 Rules for Creating Content Worth Sharing

September 15, 2017 David Meerman Scott

Meerman_Viral_Content_502135795_Yuri_ArcursGetty Images(1).jpgMillions of people around the world share ideas and stories online and many hope their content will go viral. So how can you create something that will be noticed and get shared? Be the life of the party, or more precisely the rave.

A World Wide Rave is when people around the world are talking about you, your company, and your products. Online buzz drives buyers to your virtual doorstep. It drives visitors to your website because they genuinely want to be there.

But how can you ensure your party will turn into a full-fledged rave? Put yourself ahead of the crowd by remembering a few simple rules when trying to create content worth sharing.

1. Nobody Cares About Your Products (Except You)

To have people talk about you and your ideas, you must resist the urge to hype your products and services. Create something interesting that will be talked about online.

2. No Pressure Needed

When you’ve got something worth sharing, people will share it—no pressure needed. 

3. Lose Control

You’ve got to lose control of your messages, you need to make your valuable online content free (and freely shareable), and you must understand that it’s not always about generating sales leads.

4. Put Down Roots

If you want your ideas to spread, you need to be involved in the online communities of people who actively share.

5. Create Triggers That Encourage People to Share

When a product or service solves someone’s problem, is very valuable, interesting, or funny, or is just plain outrageous, it’s ready to be shared.

6. Point the World to Your (Virtual) Doorstep

If you follow these rules, people will talk about you. And when they do, they’ll generate all sorts of online buzz that will be indexed by the search engines, all relating to what your organization is up to.

Creating content people will want to share sets yourself and your company up for success. It builds a base of fans that want to engage with you, and your content because it appeals to them.

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David Meerman Scott is the author of ten books including Real-Time Marketing & PR, The New Rules of Sales and Service, and Newsjacking. David's popular blog, advisory work with fast-growing companies, and speaking engagements around the world give him a singular perspective on how businesses are implementing new strategies to reach buyers directly and in real time.

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