10 Myths About Your Employee-Manager Relationship

March 31, 2016 Bruce Tulgan

If you are lucky enough to be your own boss, that’s great. But for the rest of us who have to maintain a working relationship with our managers, it can be easier said than done. However, since your relationship with your boss is arguably one of the most important, if not the most important, work relationships you will have, it’s worth putting the effort into.

A variety of factors, everything from personality to work styles, can affect the employee-manager relationship. And while it is not necessary to be best friends with your boss, having a good rapport can go a long way in making the time you spend at work more enjoyable and less stressful. The benefits can even carry over into your personal life since the less stressed you are about work, the less stressed you are overall.

It’s worth the effort to try to get along with your boss, and there are a variety of things you can do to reap the benefits. To learn more, check out the 10 Myths About Your Employee-Manager Relationship. In it, you’ll discover how to deal with unfair treatment at work, how to develop a good working relationship with your boss, and how to work with your manager to find your own path to success.

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