How to Take a Hard Look at Corporate Best Practices

June 15, 2018 Geoff Tuff

Without meaning to, and often with the best of intentions, many organizations continually waste precious time and money on processes and activities that don't create value and no longer make sense in today's business environment. Do you recognize any of these supposed "best practices" in the slide deck below? The new book Detonate: Why - And How - Corporations Must Blow Up Best Practices (and bring a beginner's mind) To Survive. explains how organizations built up bad habits, identifies which ones masquerade as "best practices," and suggests alternatives that can contribute to winning in the marketplace. Learn more about the book here.

Excerpted with permission of the publisher, Wiley, from Detonate by Geoff Tuff and Steven Goldbach. Copyright © 2018 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. This book is available wherever books and ebooks are sold.


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