The Merits of Mentoring

March 31, 2016 Laura Goldsberry

Today’s workforce has changed greatly from what it was many years ago. Millennials just beginning their careers now share workspaces and roles with older, more experienced colleagues who are often used to doing things a certain a way. This situation could be rife with conflict.

However, one key factor can prevent these two groups from going head to head and actually bring real benefits to work and office culture. That factor? Mentoring.

Mentoring is a great way to get newer employees onboard with office culture quickly and efficiently. It makes them feel welcome and a part of the team from the very start. It also gives them a resource for learning important information about the organization in a one-on-one setting. Those who have mentors typically experience higher levels of career satisfaction and commitment.

And mentoring isn’t just good for individuals; it is also good for organizations. Mentoring programs can help attract and retain top talent, which can have positive impacts on the bottom line. These programs and relationships allow employees to build confidence and be better prepared for their job roles, which move the entire company forward toward a path of success.

To learn more about the many benefits of mentoring and why every organization should invest in a mentoring program, check out the Merits of Mentoring infographic.

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