Rewarding Reviewers: Partnering With Publons to Shape the Reviewer Recognition Landscape

September 20, 2016 Rachel Zawada

8.jpgResearchers are making new and important discoveries at an increasingly rapid rate, but most agree that it takes too long to publish their work. It can take more than 150 days from research submission to publication. To put this into perspective, let’s take a look at a few events that have transpired in less time:

  • The writing of the U.S. Constitution (116 days)
  • Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kris Humphries (72 days)
  • Christopher Columbus’ voyage to the New World (70 days)
  • The creation of the earth (6 days)

At the heart of the problem is peer review, which we all know is critical to ensuring research findings are reliable and relevant before being communicated to the world. However, the entire peer review process can take 80 days on average. At Wiley, we believe that a review process that lasts longer than a Kardashian marriage is not only a long time for authors to wait, but also a significant time investment for reviewers – an investment that is not always rewarded.

Historically, there has been very little incentive to peer review, making it difficult to find the reviewers needed to get research published. That’s why Wiley is working with Publons to shine a light on this problem and give reviewers the recognition they deserve. We’re proud to say that more than 750 Wiley journals are being newly integrated with Publons, the world’s leading peer review recognition platform. This partnership is an expansion of a 6-month pilot program conducted by Wiley and Publons in 2015, which led to faster review times among reviewers that opted in.

In addition to speeding up the peer review process, the beauty of Publons is that it provides a means to better recognize reviewer contributions. Those who review for any of Wiley’s participating journals can effortlessly track, verify, and showcase every review they undertake. Reviewers can then go on to use their verified peer review and editorial records in funding and promotion applications.

But if you don’t believe us, take it from a real-life Publons user. Dr. Matthias Lein, Chemistry researcher and lecturer with the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences at the University of Victoria, recently said: “I could say I do 20 reviews … every week and no one could verify that, because it’s all confidential. I really like the idea that with Publons I’ve got this cross-verified transcript of how much I do and for which journals. Now I can point people to my profile and there are the statistics.”

For those who worry about how this might impact reviewer confidentiality, never fear! Publons provides verified credit for peer review without compromising reviewer anonymity or infringing upon journal review models. By default, the content of reviews for Wiley journals will not be publicly displayed on Publons, and only the year of the review and the journal title will be shown on reviewer profiles, unless both the journal and reviewer has actively selected an alternative setting.

For more details on the partnership and to see a list of participating journals, visit the Publons-Wiley partnership page. The list of journals will be growing rapidly over the course of the next few months, so be sure to check back frequently!

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