What Do Reviewers Want From Peer Review?

March 4, 2016 Verity Warne

Time and again, journal authors tell us that the experience of peer review is the defining factor in their overall publishing experience. The quality of the peer review experience is crucial to an author’s decision of where to publish and the authors whoexpress the most satisfaction with their publishing experience are those whostate they have an easy time with the review process. But, as we know, it’s not all good news. Authors expressing lowest levels of satisfaction are those who experienced a difficult review process and struggled to communicate with the reviewers. For editors, recruiting reviewers can be a major pain point, and good reviewers can feel overloaded and under-rewarded.

In order to deliver the best peer review experience for authors, publishers such as Wiley need to continue to evolve the support and services we offer our peer reviewers. That’s why, in July 2015, Wiley surveyed over researchers in order to explore peer reviewing experiences, attitudes towards recognition and reward for reviewers, and training requirements. Nearly 3000 reviewers, across all regions and subject disciplines, shared their thoughts on:

  1. Why they peer review
  2. Rewards and Recognition initiatives they value
  3. Training resources they want.

While other recent studies have focused on broad questions around peer review, the aim of our survey was to address questions around the specific support tools that reviewers need, and to look more closely at how reviewing behavior and motivations change according to experience, career stage and region.

Today, the results of our study are published in a special issue on Peer Review in Learned Publishing. In addition, we have developed a series of infographics and an online tool for interaction with responses for key questions – visit www.wileypeerreview.com/study

In the meantime, below is the first infographic highlighting the key findings from our survey.

Key Findings Infographic Peer Review.png

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Verity Warne

Author Marketing, Wiley // I am responsible for helping to market and develop products and services that will help improve authors' peer review experiences.

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