How to maximize the impact of your published research

September 11, 2014 Phil Wright

So you have published your research, your publisher is working hard to market your work, but how can you give your paper that extra push? How can you maximize the impact of your published research?

Listening to our authors, we hear three key consistent requirements:

1. Authors want to publish their work quickly

2. Authors want their work to be discovered, and

3. Authors need more support complying with funder mandates

To address the second point (Authors want their work to be discovered), we developed Wiley’s Journal Author Promotional Toolkit. This focuses on maximizing article discoverability. Wiley works hard to ensure visibility of the work published by our authors – we also want to help our authors to promote their work themselves.

“There is a need for a centralized source of useful information concerning online techniques and strategies to maximize the visibility and impact of published content.” Professor Christine Bond, Editor, International Journal of Pharmacy Practice.

What exactly does the promotional toolkit cover?

The toolkit is structured by promotional tool making it easy for authors to identify the different activities they can undertake. It covers Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conferences, Publicity, Social Media, The Wider Web, Multimedia and Email. Within each section, there is guidance and tips for things to try out. Furthermore, the sections include links to the latest (relevant) blog posts from the Wiley Author (Blog) Series – what you are currently reading now.

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How can you use the promotional toolkit?

We purposely chose the name ‘promotional toolkit’ to illustrate the concept that this is a ‘kit’ of valuable information, which is structured by promotional tool. We envision that different parts of the toolkit will appeal to different authors at different times – depending on what your particular needs are. So it’s ready with all the key information you need, when you need it. We recommend that authors use as many of the promotional tools as possible – to maximize the likely impact – but we also appreciate that everyone has their own level of comfort and available time. So focus on what works for you.

How up to date is the promotional toolkit?

To really make this a valuable resource for authors it needs to be updated regularly, and that’s our goal. For example, we recently released the blog post How to promote your research through blogging so we added this to ‘The Wider Web’ section. So whether you need guidance on using social media, tips around search engine optimization, or want to learn more about what really appeals to journalists, add the Journal Author Promotional Toolkit to your list of web favorites.

How can you help shape the toolkit’s future?

We want to make the promotional toolkit as relevant and useful as possible. So let us know what you think. How can we improve this? What would you change? How likely would you be to use the toolkit to promote your own research?

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Phil Wright

Author Marketing, Wiley // Phil is a Senior Marketing Manager in the Author Marketing team at Wiley and works on projects to add value to the author experience.

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