Inspiring the Next Generation of Women Engineers

April 5, 2017 Christopher Ruel

With women receiving just over half of all college degrees in the US, why is the science and engineering workforce only 29% female? One probable reason is a lack of female role models. The Youtube series EngineerGirl is making positive change by profiling accomplished women engineers to inspire the next generation. In this episode, Professor Thalia Anagnos, co-author of Wiley’s Engineering Mechanics: Statics, First Edition shares her story as a civil engineer, including why she entered the field and her research interests. The video was produced by George Retelas with his digital art students at SAE Institute. Special thanks to George for allowing us to feature this episode on Wiley Exchanges.



To see more EngineerGirl videos visit the EngineerGirl YouTube channel. To learn about Sheppard/Anagnos/Billington’s Engineering Mechanics: Statics, First Edition, click here.

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