What Inspires You To Make a Difference?

December 22, 2016 Helen Eassom

Earlier this year, we asked you to submit your stories of inspiration as part of our #becauseofyou campaign, celebrating the amazing work carried out every day by you - our authors, researchers, reviewers and editors. The response we received from you was fantastic, which is why we’re really excited to announce our new campaign, #iwasinspired.

Researchers and authors have the ability to influence others and tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges, so this time we’re asking for stories that answer, “What inspires you to make a difference?” We’re partnering with the charity Build Africa so that for every story we receive, we will donate a textbook to a child in Uganda.

The following video tells the fictional story of Rose, who was inspired to create educational opportunities for young girls in Africa

We’d love to hear your stories about what inspires you to impact the world and strive for change, no matter how big or small. To get you inspired to submit your story, we spoke to one Wiley colleague about some of the amazing volunteer work she carries out:

Rhiannon’s story: Volunteering with the blind

My name is Rhiannon Rees and I volunteered for a local association for the blind in Oxfordshire, UK.

The organization is a life-enhancing charity supporting children and adults who are blind or partially sighted throughout Oxfordshire and advises on and provides services and equipment that enable visually impaired people to live independent lives.  I joined their home visiting program for a year, and was partnered with an elderly visually-impaired lady whom I visited every week to spend some social time together and to help with everyday tasks that become difficult with impaired sight.

My visits usually involved long social chats over tea about current affairs, travel, gardening and housing, as well as guided walks in the summer accompanied by a beautiful golden retriever who often helped to relieve social isolation.

Loneliness is a growing concern in the UK, particularly with vulnerable and visually impaired elderly adults who often don’t have anyone to talk to - they may not have any company for a whole week or two, and their families often live far away. I am inspired by the strength, courage and positivity of Pam. Her good sense of humour and pragmatic approach to her situation is a real lesson in life itself.  My weekly visits brought a genuine smile to her face, and were absolutely worth the time I took out of my week. I have since been inspired to pursue other volunteering work as well as registering for an iPhone app that enables blind people to contact a network of sighted volunteers for help with live video chat. #IWASINSPIRED.

We know that inspiration can come from anywhere, so contribute to a wonderful cause and let us know what drives you. You can submit your story via our website, or via social media using the hashtag #iwasinspired, up until January 15th 2017. Thank you!




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