Finding the Best Home For Your Research Paper

July 19, 2018 The Wiley Network

You’ve conducted your research, spent hours writing a great paper, and now it’s time to get published and maximize the reach and impact of your work. But how do you decide on the best home for your article when there are so many options available and new journals being launched all the time? And how do you easily navigate finding a journal that meets your criteria to ensure you publish successfully? This may understandably feel like a challenge, especially if you’re an early career researcher, expanding into a new or interdisciplinary subject area, or facing time pressures.


So how do you choose the right journal?

After many researchers posed this question to us, we set out to find a solution. The result is our new Journal Recommendation service which is designed to take the stress out of selecting the most appropriate journal for your paper. When you enlist this service, for a one-time fee, you will receive a comprehensive report recommending 3-5 well-matched journal options based on the content of your paper. The report helps eliminate the guesswork, offering you the information you need to make an informed decision about the most appropriate journal to submit to.

The journal recommendations made will be based on the findings of your research, along with your publication goals. You’ll also receive helpful information about each journal including the aims and scope, article types accepted, impact factor, similar articles published, and geographic focus.

Importantly, you’ll be told whether revisions to your paper are required to meet the journal’s guidelines so you’re aware of any changes you’ll have to make before you submit. A rationale for recommending each journal, and whether or not it fulfills your requirements, will also be included, so you know your criteria have been taken into account.

To learn more about how Wiley’s Journal Recommendation service can support you in selecting a journal, visit

Not quite ready to submit your paper?

Wiley Editing Services also offers a range of services providing you with expert help to ensure your manuscript is submission-ready.

  • English Language Editing: Get superior editing from native English speakers who are experts in your field.
  • Translation: Receive high quality translation from Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish into English.
  • Manuscript Formatting: Save time by having your manuscript and references formatted according to your chosen journal’s style guide.
  • Figure Preparation: Enhance your research’s visual impact by ensuring all graphs, illustrations and tables are formatted correctly.

For more information, visit

We’re always looking for ways to improve the research publishing experience. Let us know if you find these services helpful in the comments below.

Terms and Conditions

Wiley is confident that our Journal Recommendation service will provide high-quality and well-matched journal options for your consideration. Although we cannot guarantee publication, we stand behind our work and will work with each author to ensure they are completely satisfied. Journal Recommendation does not include submission to any journal on the author’s behalf.

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