What Are the Current Attitudes Toward Society Membership? Hear from the Research Community

June 17, 2016 Ed Williamson

What makes a person in the research community join a society? That was the central question of a society-focused membership survey we undertook earlier this year. With responses from close to 13,000 participants across 145 countries, the results provide an in-depth picture of current attitudes and challenges for society membership.

In June, we shared a sneak peek of some overarching themes and insights that we’ve gained from the results with Chris Kenneally, Director of Business Development, Copyright Clearance Center. Listen to Wiley’s Bill Deluise, Vice President of Society Strategy and Marketing, and David Nygren, Vice President of Research Insights, as they talk with Chris about the future of membership in the webinar recording below.

CCC webinar.JPG

Presentation Slides:

Webinar Recording:


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Ed Williamson

Society Marketing, Wiley // Edward Williamson is an Associate Marketing Manager in the Society Strategy and Marketing team and is on the constant lookout to make Wiley better for societies by listening to them and their members.

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