What membership benefits do Millennials value?

May 6, 2015 Trina Cody

Last month, we released the results of our society and association membership survey. We found some of the responses interesting and decided to delve a bit deeper to look at the different wants and needs among the various generations of respondents. In particular, because Millennials are the up-and-coming members and leaders of societies and associations, we felt it important to focus on what they're looking for in an association. The infographic below illustrates some of our findings. Be sure to check back later this month when we'll be releasing a whitepaper to guide societies and associations in developing strategies for attracting Millennials as members.

Millenials infographic 2

what membership benefits do millenials value.PNG



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Senior Customer Experience Manager, Wiley // Trina Cody is Manager, Strategic Market Analysis at Wiley. She has been focusing on learning everything she can about the challenges associations are facing and figuring out how Wiley can help. She also recently completed her MBA at Boston University in May 2014, concentrating in Strategy and Organizational Transformation.

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