Four Disciplines, Four Different Data Policies

October 20, 2017 Anna Ehler

Access to data is increasingly seen as fundamental to research reproducibility, but there is no one size fits all policy for data sharing. What role can societies play in establishing practices which meet the needs of their communities? In this episode of the Wiley Society Podcast, we listen back to a conversation at the 2017 Society Executive Seminar in London where we invited four society executives from four different disciplines to talk about where they are on the issue of data sharing and data accessibility.


  • Prof. Peter Diggle, past President, Royal Statistical Society
  • Dr. Chris George, Editor, British Journal of Pharmacology, British Pharmacological Society
  • Catherine Hill, Head of Publications, British Ecological Society
  • Dr. Catherine Souch, Head of Research and Higher Education, Royal Geographical Society

Listen to the previous episode: Publications Strategy or Organizational Strategy: Which Comes First?

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