Supporters of Science Make Their Voices Heard

April 24, 2018 Samantha Green

On Saturday April 14, people gathered in more than 200 cities around the world to show their support for science. The second annual March for Science shows the power of community and what we can achieve by working together to advocate for a future built on evidence and knowledge that improves lives around the world.

In Washington DC, we were delighted to sponsor a tent on behalf of the National Council for Science and the Environment. This organization advances informed environmental policy through interdisciplinary research, scientific assessment, communication, and training. NCSE specializes in research and education that supports collaboration between diverse institutions and individuals.

They shared with us some of their favorite signs and moments from the day.

The theme of the tent was sustainability. At the tent, NCSE offered trivia on sustainable actions that we can all take in our everyday lives. They also shared some information about sustainability work many of their member universities are doing in the region, and encouraged visitors to support sustainable actions in their communities.

There was also a sign-making station, where marchers created signs explaining why science matters to them. Jessica Soule, NCSE Deputy Director, shared a favorite moment from the day when a number of young students stopped by and shared that science was their favorite subject. Many drew pictures of some of the experiments they were doing in school.

All in all, the DC weather was beautiful, and the day was a powerful celebration of the role science plays in all of our lives.

Elsewhere, marchers enjoyed an equally sunny day in London, where Wiley colleagues joined in to show their support for all of the amazing work our society partners do every day.

“The March for Science brings together a diverse, interdisciplinary coalition of partners in support of equitable, evidence-based policies for the common good,” says Caroline Weinberg, March for Science interim executive director.

We are proud to support the work of scientists researching diseases, climate change, technologies, and new innovations that will transform our world. We are also thrilled to continue our partnership with the March for Science, through our support of Vote for Science, a new program that seeks to secure the long-term funding of science policy, by providing access to scholarly and scientific content. We look forward to providing science advocates with direct access to research through this program, focusing each month on different areas of science and policy.

Watch the live stream of the flagship event in Washington, DC for compelling speeches and some clever and powerful signs. You can watch on YouTube here.

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